Sacrificial Lamb 2009

or“How to Slaughter 300 Cows in One day”

Thus spake the sheep:“Oh, the King of fairies, we wish that you see us when we are captives in the hands of these beings. The lambs and the children are separated from mothers, and their mothers’ milk is wrested for human beings’ own chil- dren.Our children are tied up, are slaughtered, and skinned. They scream, in hunger and in thirst, and no-one comes to their rescue. And then, their heads are chopped, their stomachs cut, and they are skinned. Their heads and organs, their hearts, livers and rumen are subjected to the butchers’ chopping knives. And finally, they are cooked in pots, or barbecued on fire, and then eaten. And we are still silent. Neither we cry nor do we complain. Even if we cry, these beings do not show mercy. Where is the supposed kindness and compassion of these beings?”

Part of the “Plea Signature Scroll-Ekhvan Al Safa”by the animals against the cruelty of human beings to the “King of Fairies”